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Yes, The Bahamas is Open!

We are ready! Destination Angels International (DAI) is ready to welcome brides and grooms alike to the islands of The Bahamas! Ready to assist couples with their romantic destination experience! Your DAI Angels are ready to make your dream of an island tropical romantic experience a reality.

In our new world of COVID-19, we are very conscious of the need to protect our brides and grooms and their guests. You can expect our planners and vendors alike to wear mask, fully sanitize all surfaces and have sanitizers available for brides and their guests. All of this without taking away from the desired experience

The borders of The Bahamas are open and government officials have all the necessary PPE and social distancing protocols in place at the airport and other public places our visitors would come in contact with. All persons engaged in the business of tourism have been required to take a special health safety training workshop and become certified in order to continue to provide visitors to our islands with their services and products. We at Destination Angels International were among the first, of course, to obtain its certification in this government safety initiative.

Your DAI Angels are ready and excited to have brides throughout the world choose our destination, our planners to bring their dream of a romantic destination experience to reality!

Cindy Knowles

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