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Sizzling but Romantic Summer

There is an old adage in the wedding industry which says, “happy is the bride the sun shines on,” meaning that when the sun shines on your wedding day, you will have good luck. This sentiment may well explain why summertime tends to be such a popular time for nuptials the world over.

If your preference is an outdoor celebration, the longer summer days bring increased options and experiences with a wide array of outdoor tropical venues for your special romantic gathering. Imagine the warm glow of the sun rising on the waters of beautiful Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island as you exchange your vows, or ending your day high atop Fort Charlotte, Nassau as the sun sets the background aflame to toast your new union.

Yes, the long days of summer certainly provide many options for that outdoor enthusiast, that lover of nature. It is a wonderful time to rediscover you, bring in some life changes, renew a love that began many moons ago, or reflect on all the wonderful events that led to that new beginning. Regardless, summer time is the ideal time to rejuvenate love, life and enjoyment!

There is certainly a sense of renewal and rejuvenation as most of the world appears to be reopening after the many "lock down periods" of this pandemic era. Now more than ever, these characteristics of summer are dominating the tourism sector of The Bahamas. While there is a sense of relief, there is also an air of excitement for the future. The professionals in this industry - be it hoteliers, tour guides, or event planners - have all transitioned from a planning phase to the action phase, ready to welcome the world to our beautiful shores in all its summer time glory.

Mother Nature’s warm spirit of summer is welcoming, nurturing, and right on time! Immerse yourself in this spirit. Reflect. Renew. Rejuvenate. Sizzling summer is here!

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