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Pirates Get Married in The Bahamas

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

March 15th 2019 - Nassau, Bahamas - Destination Angels International brings to life the swashbuckling wedding dream of Chicago couple Angelalynn & Matthew Padua - to have a Pirates Of The Caribbean themed wedding ceremony on a beautiful beach in the Bahamas.

After the question was asked, "Will you marry me?" Angelalynn and Matthew fantasized on a pirates themed wedding and of course the Bahamas was the obvious choice. Residents of the Windy City, both Angelalynn and Matthew, wanted a wedding on a friendly, warm, and sandy beach in the Bahamas. Dubbed "the best place in the Bahamas", a wedding guest made it known that they were very happy with the wedding destination, continuing "I'd love to come back here for my own wedding."

Tourism Today, a local Bahamas television show, recorded the following and broadcast it throughout the Bahamas islands on the ZNS Network. The video shows the Chicago wedding party really enjoying themselves, the beautiful sandy beach that was chosen for the Pirate themed wedding, and an interview with the bride and groom, and the people behind Destination Angel's International - the people who planned and put together this special event.

Beach Pirates
Ready to tie the knot? Set your sails for the Bahamas.

Pirate Bride and Groom
The Happy Wedding Couple

Thomas and Cindy
Wedding Planners Thomas and Cindy Knowles are happy to help.

Destination Angel's International can plan your special event or dream wedding in the Bahamas. Send us a message via our contact form or call Cindy 9 am - 8 pm on (242) 436-5994.

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