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Micro Weddings. Elopement.

Micro Weddings. Cozy settings. Elopement. Romance for two. These new terms are appearing now more than ever for our destination brides. No doubt the pandemic has forced today’s brides to reimagine their dream wedding, often casting a shadow of their “magical” day. However, a resourceful wedding planner is always ready to help brides find a happy balance. Naturally, today more than ever, today's wedding planners must stay abreast, be creative and remain versatile!

In this ever changing industry, we planners must endeavor to remain on the cutting edge, delivering that magic regardless of scope – a sensational micro wedding, a cozy setting or a romantic event for two. How convenient that the winter months conjures romance, inviting us all to revel in snuggles and cozy venues. Although in The Bahamas our winter season boast an average temperature of 70 to 78 degrees, it is cool enough to create a unique winter wedding experience. How a planner accomplishes this will, of course, vary with the wishes and dreams of the bride-to-be but rest assured your dream winter wedding in The Bahamas can be easily achieved. Being sensitive to the new norms of today, a Destination Angel International wedding planner can certainly bring your wedding day to life ... complete with magic and all!

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