Meet some of the Couples of Destination Angels International

Rose Canopy
Romantic canopy for garden ceremony in Nassau, Bahamas.
Lisa & Shannon - Texas
My Lady. . . my love!
Image of Love
I love you in every color!
Pigeon Love
Even the pigeons loves romance on the beach.
Bahamas Beach Destination
Another perfect spot for you to tie the knot.
Garden ceremony
Romantic garden setting
Jennifer & Lamaine - MI
Blending love!
Pavilion Setting
Pavilion style reception setting
Reception Setting
Romantic wedding reception
The "Padua" Pirates of Chicago
Pirate love!
Pirate themed wedding
Chicago couple turned their romantic event into a memorable pirate adventure.
Pirate themed wedding
Bride & groom goes all the way.
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Servicing the beautiful islands of Cat Island and New Providence.

Tel: (242)436-5994

Nassau, Bahamas



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Jennifer & Lamaine - MI

Blending love!